12 Rules to manage your time?

How to manage your time? Learn time management.

Time is the most precious thing in the world. Anything you need to do, anything you need to achieve, time is needed. Proper time management is needed. Time management means to maximize your productivity with minimum use of time. Whenever we talk about time Management, it is not actually time management, It is actually a priority management. To manage time properly you have to learn how to prioritize your important and unimportant tasks. If you can’t manage your time properly, you can’t achieve big success in life.

To make proper management of your time in life and get success in life you have to follow the following rules:- 

Set short and long term goals. Your life purpose has to be clear. What you want to achieve in life and when. And according to your aim, your target, your goal you have to set your work plan how to execute the work process. Set a big goal that challenges you to work hard. If you have a clear mind set where to go and what to do, it is easy to find the road map and to easy to manage time for the work.

Prioritize  your tasks in to four categories 1)Most important and urgent task,2)most important task,3)Not important and urgent task 4)Not important and not urgent tasks. For maximum productivity and efficient time management you have to you have to do the most important tasks first. Give priority to work and task that is important and urgent to complete your goal.2ndly give priority to the works are Important to do but not very urgent.3rd priority to the important and non urgent and 4th priority to the non important and non urgent work.

For your big aim to complete, Plan accordingly. Make a long term plan. Then divide your long term project in to small tasks on monthly, weekly and daily basis task to complete. If you need to eat and elephant, you have to break the whole elephant in to small pieces and you have to bite small. You can’t eat an elephant at one time. Big tasks take time, patient, and consistency.

Start with the task that is most challenging. If you take the easiest task first you will have a virtual satisfaction of going ahead in the process and because of it you may delay the most challenging task. So it is good to do the hard and challenging task first in the morning when you are fresh and more energized.


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Fix time limits for any task, and try to complete the work within that time frame. If for any reason the work can’t be completed in set time, set another time limit for the remaining task. Setting time for a particular task gives you an alertness and reminds you your mission each time.

Delegate your task that you can delegate. Make a team distribute them the pieces of tasks to complete. Use other persons to work for your mission, for your goal.

Avoid procrastination, don’t delay your work without any valid reason, save your time.

Avoid multitasking, Do one task at one time. Multi tasking will distract your deep involvement and concentration into work and work will not complete efficiently.

Don’t waste time with chattering, don’t waste your time with unimportant conversation.

Block out things that can distract you when you work. Block social media, Put your phone away when you are at work. Create a work place to do your task. Associate your place with work and productivity.

Spend time to recharge yourself. Read books of great and successful people, learn skills, read motivational books, self development books, watch motivational and self development videos and audios. This will keep you mentally charged.

Do meditation , yoga and eat healthy food to stay healthy. Take proper rest. Take good sleep.

These all above things followed together can build a proper time

 management and can make a healthy, efficient and prosperous life.


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