Replace bad habit with good habit..

What is a habit? 

Habit is a behavior, a learning that is developed to such extent in a human that he does it often and almost without thinking, especially it is something that is hard to stop doing. A habit is controlled by the subconscious mind and even it can force to do what the conscious mind does not want. 
After continuously doing any behavior repeatedly for 21 days or more it becomes a habit. 
Habit plays different roles in or life. All of us acquire different habits. It may be good or bad. 
Hard work, consistency, regular exercise, reading, writing, meditation, etc are good habits. 
Alcoholism, drug addiction, lying, smoking, dishonesty, stealing, escapism, etc are examples of bad habits. 

There are three types of habits:-

  1. Motor habit - Habits relating to physical activities of a person like standing, sitting, doing exercise, etc. are Motor habits. 
  2. Intellectual habit - Habits relating to psychological processes such as logical thinking, reasoning ability, analyzing power, etc. are intellectual habits. 
  3. Habits of Character - telling truth, lying, being honest, talking friendly, hard-working, discipline, etc. are emotional habits. 

How to make a habit- 

It takes 21 days to break an addiction. According to psychologists while it may take 21 days of conscious and consistent effort to create a new habit, it takes far longer to break an existing habit. When a particular habit is formed our subconscious mind takes the responsibility to do it and free up our conscious mind. 
To make a habit you have to replace an existing habit with the new one. 
When a habit is built it has a 1)Cue /trigger, 2)routine, 3)reward. 
Suppose a person is addicted to smoking… 

Why he smoke? 

He smokes to look cool with the cigarette in hand, or he takes a cigarette when he is bored, or he smokes cigarettes when he is stressed. This is the cue. 
When he takes the cigarette? He smokes after having a meal or breakfast…here smoking has made a routine with the meal or breakfast…This is a routine of smoking. 
Why he takes a cigarette. Because he inhales nicotine with smoking and it releases dopamine in his brain and he feels relaxed and energetic… This is a reward
Changing of habit is a slow process-first weaken the habit, first take half cigarette instead of a full cigarette for a few days. Then replace the cigarette with candy or chocolate. Still, the same dopamine will release and the reward will continue….then stop taking the candy too. Lastly, 
replace the habit of smoking after lunch/breakfast with a new habit such as listening to songs after lunch/breakfast. 
 A strong determination is needed to replace a bad habit with good habits. 
The realization about the bad effect of bad habits and the good effect of good habits is necessary. Then only a person will take the decision to replace the bad habit with the good one. 

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