20 Differences between the rich and the poor:-

 The difference between the rich and the poor:-

Why rich is rich and poor is poor, why the difference comes. It is because of the ability to earn. It is a skill, a knowledge that makes a person eligible to earn money. Rich people have some certain special qualities and characters that make them able to earn money. Even a born rich person need ability to contain that money or wealth otherwise soon he will be poor because of mismanagement. Similarly a poor also have some e certain character because of what he is poor. Here we will discuss about the difference in their qualities.

Let us see the difference between the qualities of the rich and the poor people:-

1)      Rich people remain committed to be rich. They work die-hard to ensure that they become successful. The poor just wish or want to be rich but they try to be one or two times and if he fails he quits.

2)      Rich people has higher prospect than the poor this is because of higher will power, education, knowledge, and skills and the quality of ability to learn new ‘knowledge and skills’ and ‘the ability to apply their knowledge’ practically. The poor hesitate to learn new skills or knowledge.

3)      Rich people dream big. Poor dream small. Because of it the poor have to remain content with whatever they get.

4)      Rich takes solid steps to complete their dream. The poor just dream.

5)      Rich people use money to work for them. The poor work for money.

6)      Rich people don’t talk, they just do and complete their mission. Poor people always shows off .Though they are poor they try to show as they are rich.

7)      Rich people learn about money from mentors, business coaches, Great successful people and books. Poor are not interested in learning knowledge and skills about how money work. They think they are already super wise.

8)      Rich people focus of new possibilities to improve financially. Poor find difficulties in learning new skills.

9)      Rich people have firm believe in themselves that they can do. Poor people can’t do so they need a shoulder for support.

10)  Rich people are fearless, they don’t fear to take bold actions. For poor fear becomes a great hurdle to achieve any target.

11)  Rich people create their success and money. Poor people believe that life happens to them by luck.

12)  Rich people are always focus on looking for opportunities and utilize them. Poor people can only see hurdles and difficulties.


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13)  Rich people always be accompany with people who are more successful and rich so that they can get new ideas and to remain inspired with their association. Poor people are associated with sluggish people.

14)  Rich people are connected to their dreams. They set new goals and make them fruitful. The poor people have no dreams they just wish to have it.

15)  Rich people focus on what they want, they choose their own choices. The poor can’t make proper choice,s they make wrong choices and remain poor.

16)  Rich and successful people are always solution oriented. Once the problem comes they go in to the root, find out the reason and try to solve the problem. They don’t complain about problems. The poor will do almost everything to avoid problems and to avoid difficulties.

17)  Rich people have belief in themselves. They believe in their values and abilities. Poor people has no believe in themselves that they can do, either they mismanage their money and don’t like to learn the subject of money.

18)  Rich people are willing to act in spite of fear. But the poor people allow the fear to stop them.

19)  Rich people believe that, lack of money is the root of all problems. The poor believe that money is the root of all evil.

20)  Rich people buy assets. Poor people buy liabilities.

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