How to become happy?

How to be happy?

What is the difference between happy people and miserable people? Many People think happiness depends on change of outer situations. No, actually happiness lies in your mind. It depends on how you accept and react with the situations.

 Here are 13 important things to follow that will make you happy..


Be optimistic. Think positive. If you face bad situations or tough times. Don’t be depressed, instead find out solutions of your problem and act on it. Think what is possible and how you can make it happen. Take help of others if needed.

Happiness is not the absence of problems, It is the ability to deal with them.


2.       Cultivate gratitude. Choose to be grateful on small things. Small things together make a big difference.


3.       Give value to “your time”. Don’t waste your time uselessly. Make a “to do list” and work on it. Work with your life’s mission and purpose. Everyday if you are doing some meaningful task of your life’s mission you will feel happy.


4.       Focus on what is in your control. Don’t be worry about think and situation that is beyond your control. Example-natural disaster, storm, unstable job market etc are beyond your control.


5.       Practice self-acceptance. Accept yourself as you are and then try to improve.  Whatever the situation is, accept it as it is and then try to improve. Accept others as they are. When you accepted a person who ever he is , whatever his quality is, it will make  a closer relation with him.


6.       Be kind to others. Try to help others whenever it is possible. It may be physical help, mental help or monetary help, involve yourself in helping people. People also will help you when you are in tough time.


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7.       Find your purpose and goal. What you want to be or want to do in life. What is your life’s mission it should have clarity. You should act on it to fulfill your life’s goal. Goal gives you a purpose, meaning, a sense of enthusiasm and a reason to get up in the morning.


8.       Don’t remain stand still by believing on luck. Make a move. Even if you have bad luck , it can be changed by doing karma(actions).so keep on working.


9.       Stay socially connected, connect with positive and optimistic people.


10.   Learn to forgive and forget .forget bad situations and try to improve it.


11.   Use your money and wealth wisely. Grow yourself, increase your knowledge and experience. Read self improvement books if needed, Take guide of mentors and coaches if needed. Read biographies of great and successful people.


12.   Take good sleep and proper rest daily.


 Take care of your health. Eat healthy food, do physical exercise and practice meditation daily.

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