If you want success, you will must take these risks..

You will must take these risks for success.. 

 If you want to succeed in any field, you need to take bold actions, you need to take risks.        As  Jim Rohn said ”If you are not willing to risk the unusual , you have to settle for the ordinary.”

Here we will discuss 9 risk that you need to take to succeed in life:-

 Step into unfamiliar zone:-If you want to success you have to step into unfamiliar zone. You may set goals but if you are not willing to step into unknown place, into unknown situations or you don’t take uncertain actions you can’t grow. The biggest obstacle between you and your success is your comfort zone. You have to travel from familiar situations to unfamiliar situations to improve towards your goal. To must be rich, you must face new challenges.

Don’t be afraid to fail:-do not fear to face failure. If you want to succeed you may fail. It means may be some actions does not work, may be some times you can’t take exact decision and action needed and you may fail. Failure teaches many things and that learning helps in next step. Thomas Alva Edison failed thousands of times before he invented electric bulb. Failure can be a part of journey to your goal and you need to accept it.

 Stand alone:-If you want success, never quit. Never give up. Whatever the situation is remaining stick to it. Somebody may hate you, somebody may be jealous, somebody may try to pull you down, you have to take action extraordinarily. Move away from the crowd. You must follow the less crowded path.

 Get used to be in Uncomfortable Zone:-you have to make habit to do uncomfortable things. Whenever you do new things you may feel uncomfortable, but the fact is that you have to do it. Don’t hesitate to take action if it is a need to complete your mission, your goal. Make a habit of doing unknown things.

  Let go the relationships:-It is said that if you are among six most successful people, soon you will be the seventh one. Surround yourself with successful people if you want success. This surrounding may be a mentor, Books of successful people or learning videos from successful people. Whatever the medium is, you have to spent most time of your thought, you have to spend most of the times with such peoples. And if you are surrounded by six most unsuccessful people soon you will be the seventh one. Does not matter how long the relation is set, if the important is not seen in your life, you need to move away.  If you want massive success, you must spend with massive successful people.


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6.      Start again if needed:-It is okay to make mistakes. If you did a mistake, if you realized it, just stop, come back and make correction of it, start over again of needed. If you want success you must replace your stepping steps with new start if the first way does not work.

      Foregoing present Pleasure:-wealthy People don’t spend in leisure. Wealthy people and successful people can control themselves and discipline themselves. You have to think about long term benefit instead of short term pleasure.

Approach and ask:-You may be rejected many times when you approach to anybody with any proposal or deal but never quit. You may have to face rejections many times but you will also get successful acceptance and successful deals. So never stop yourself with the fear of rejections. Just go ahead.

 Burning bridges:-You may be an ordinary man, But an ordinary man with extraordinary determination and effort can success. So give strong determination to your mission, to your goal.  Spend maximum of your desire, mental energy and time in to your goal and you will success. For it you may have cut some time and energy from other fields of your life.

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