Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 5 Rules for success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success Rules.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is an Austrian-American Actor, Business man and former politician and professional body builder. He won Mr. Universe Bodybuilding championship at the age of 20.

He is a Successful Hollywood actor and also he served as a Governor in California from 2003-2011(he won two elections).

Here we will learn the rules of his success.

1)     1)First rule of success is to have a vision. If you don’t have a vision to where you go, you drift around and you never go anywhere. You can have the best ship in the world, you can have the best air plane in the world, if the pilot or the captain does not know where to go, you will drift around and will not go any other place. So you have to have a clear goal where to go.

Arnold’s father wanted to become him a police man, His mother wanted him to marry a girl and have family and do job. But he had his own vision. He had his own goal to become a Bodybuilding champion. He worked on his goal and Won “Mr. Universe” championship in bodybuilding at the age of 20.

So you have to have a clear goal in life.

2) 2nd rule, don’t listen to the naysayers. Every time whatever you do, people will tell you it is impossible. It can’t be done. Whenever they say you it can’t be done you listen it can be done. When they say you it is impossible, hear it is possible.

 As Nelson Mandela said” Everything was impossible until someone does it.”

Believe, may be nobody has done it before but I am going to do it. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

3)3rd rule, broke your ash off:- There is no magic pill. You have to work, work, and work. You have to improve yourself physically and mentally. Arnold Schwarzenegger was spending 4-5 hours in the gym daily, and at day he was working in a construction company for living and then 8 pm-10 pm doing acting class 4 days a week. He had no time for leisure.



4) 4th rule, you should not have a plan B. many people keeps a plan “B” to do If Plan “A” fails. You should not doubt yourself. It is dangerous if you doubt yourself, If you have a plan B you are pulling away energy from “A” and putting into plan ”B”. It is very important we perform better If there is no safety net. Here plan B becomes your safety net. It is like, “If I fall I will pick up something else that will protect me”. People have plan B because they have worried about failing of plan A. Don’t worry and don’t doubt yourself. Don’t be afraid of failing. You have to fail in order to climb the ladder. It is ok to fail. When you fail don’t stay down. If you stay down you are a looser. Winner will fail and get up, fail and get up. He will always get up, that is a winner.


2)      5) 5th rule. You can’t be complete without helping your fellow members in the society. When you are successful help others to be successful.

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