If you want to be successful, you should stop these things:-

 To be successful, you should stop these  things:-

As Brian Tracy said,” If you want to achieve what you have never achieved, you have to become what you have never become before.”

You can’t expect different results by doing the same thing again and again. If you want to achieve something different things, you need to change yourself.

These following things you must stop doing if you want to be successful:-

1.     Stop making excuses:- Making excuses means not willing to take responsibility. Not taking of responsibilities of what is happening or what will happen. Making excuses means you are not responsible for it. Many people think that whatever happens in life is because of Luck. So they virtually set their mind that whatever will happen the luck will do it. They set their destiny depending on luck and this way they limit their ability.

 Some other type of people are who can’t find faults in themselves, they think whatever bad is happening is because of others, may be because of the bad economy or bad weather or bad family, relative or friends. These types of people blame others for any situation. 

You have to stop giving excuses. Just know and believe that you create your luck, you crate your destiny. And if you want to do something good you have to change for it. You have to learn skills, experiences and whatever other thing needed, you have to do. So take responsibility and go ahead.

2.      Stop comparing yourself with others:-You are Unique. Every Human being is unique. You are you. Nobody else is same as you. Of course some qualities may match. You know much better yourself than anybody else. So do not go for social proof. The truth is that you can go much more and you can become much more than you think. You no need to follow things because others are doing. Every living being has their inborn qualities. A fish is expert in swimming but can’t climb a tree. A monkey is expert in climbing a tree but can’t run like horse. So every living being has some expertise. Don’t compare with others. All have uniqueness. Find your uniqueness and work on it.


3.       Stop wasting time:- As Charles Darwin said” A man who dares to waste one hour has not discovered the value of life.”                                                                                                    The most valuable thing in this world is time. Anything you want to do it needs dedication and it needs investment of time to work on it. Everybody have 24 hours in a day. Within this time frame somebody gets success and somebody not. So get smart of using time for your purpose, your mission. Don’t waste it.


4.      Stop wasting time thinking of big start. If you can’t start small, you can’t start at all. Anything big comes from small. You may not have big money to execute your plan. If your plan has a valid importance and you are willing to do it anyway, money will be arranged. Start pursuing your dream with whatever you have and wherever you are.


5.      Stop expecting a fixed route. Most people think there should have a road map for whatever needed to do. Actually there is not a fixed road map for anything. Some other’s road map may be a reference but is not the same, road may change in the way depending on the barriers and obstacles that come. So remain prepared for surprises.

                                                                                                                                      Image source:www.playbuzz.com

 Stop disbelieving yourself. You should not doubt for yourself. People find things impossible. It means he is not prepared enough to do things. It means he need improvement, he needs more Knowledge and skills to do the work. Most people want to do easy things, not the things that are important for them. For each and every big goal, it needs hard dedication, hard work, important skills and knowledge to complete. Believe in yourself and work on your goal and the path will open.


7.     Stop expecting people to treat you well. People may not treat you well. They believe as they are not the way you want. Whatever people say about you or your work, it may be good or bad comment, be calm and think about yourself and your work, make a check out about your action, if you found it right keep moving ahead, If the comment has a valid reason, work on it and improve it.


8.      Stop expecting miracles:-Stop expecting miracles. It does not happen by luck. May be sometimes it may happen luckily but the chance is very less. If you work on your goal it will happen. Go ahead, plan for your goal, have whatever you needed to fulfill your mission, take charge, work on it and remain focused. Take responsibility for your life.


9.      Stop being afraid of life:-Fear means false evidence appearing real. It is a false appearance of thought in your mind that is created in mind as uncertainty. But action ensures certainty. You should not take actions because of fear. Fear can only be overcome by taking actions. Be bold, go ahead and take actions. Do whatever you have to do. Do it anyway. Don’t quit. If you do not take actions, you will fail any way. You have to take actions to achieve success.




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