If You have these qualities, Soon you are going to be rich :-


 Have these qualities and soon you will be rich…

All the successful people have some common qualities. If you look at the life stories of successful people, you will find it.  We can say, to be successful there is some process, some habits and some common qualities that has to be achieved.

Here we will discuss about these qualities and habits. If anybody has most of these habits, Sooner or later he too might be a successful and rich person.

These successful habits are as below:-

1)      Habit of reading books:- You have to have habit of reading books. To get success in any field you need to have a mentor to guide you. But it is very difficult to find a good successful mentor.  Successful people like Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani,  Ajim Premji, Jack Maa, Elon musk have given advice and suggestions for success to the people. And all these advice you only get in Books or in the form of articles in internet or in the form of videos. There are books relating to financial literacy.  So reading of books or watching video advice of great and successful people is a necessary habit that has to be made.

So to know these processes and formulas of success and to achieve the knowledge of financial literacy, reading book is a necessity. Even Worlds most successful investor Warren Buffet was asked what the most quality he would like to have in him, He replied” the habit of reading books faster”.

2)      If you have failed in a business before:- If you have failed in a business before or if you have failed financially before ,probability is that failure have taught you many things and this time you are  prepared to not to fail again. You have learned a lot from your failure.

3)      If you discuss ideas about money:-  If you discuss ideas about money means you are interested in the subject of money and you like to earn money , if you have a group of friends who talks and discuss about financial prosperity Chances is that soon you will try to find the way to get financial success and you will get success financially too by applying it.

4)     If you don’t expect the Govt. to make you rich:- Govt. may be good for you or may not be good for you but still you can get financial success. Even in poor country there are successful people. If the Govt. is in your support, it is a bonus, if not still go ahead. Take responsibility to solve your problem. The Govt. may be good or bad you need to continue.

5)      If you don’t blame your parents for your poverty:- Your parents tried to do best for you as per their knowledge and skill. Now it is your responsibility. If you are matured enough to understand about your financial situation your next step Is to take charge by yourself. Take responsibility to improve your financial situation. Get a mentor if required and continue. Whatever your age is right now you can start your journey to be rich. You can start the process. Age is not a barrier.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


If    If you love business:-If you love business, the chance is that you will be rich very soon.      It  is easy to earn money through business than job.

7)      If you save 10 % of your income:-You must save a part of your income. Whatever is your earning, saving is important. Many people have earned big amount of money and broke because of lack of savings. You have to save money to be wealthy. So each month keep at least 10% of your income as saving.

8)      If you don’t buy latest gadgets:-Don’t buy latest gadgets unless it is a necessary. You no need to impress people by showing your latest choice. It is a waste of money. Use money to buy assets not liabilities.

9)      If you know the use of internet:-Know how internet can help your business. Promote your business and get the help of internet to grow.

10)  If you are willing to take massive action:- You have to think big to take massive actions. Taking a new action causes risks but still you have to be bold enough and go ahead to take new actions. Without actions there is not outcome.

11)  If you love that you are doing:-If you love you love your work, if you are passionate about it you can stay focused on your work even if you fail. So passion and love for your profession is necessary.

12)  If you are optimistic even it is hard time.

13)  If you have belief in yourself:- Anything you are doing, you should be confident enough in yourself. If you believe you can do, you can actually do it.

14)  If you have your goal set:- It means you have discipline in yourself and you are in a process to structure your life. So there is a chance that you are going to be successful soon.

If you have most of these qualities in you, chance is that you will get financial success soon.


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