Elon Musk's 16 rules for Success:

Elon Musk’s Rules for success:-

Elon Musk is South Africa born American Engineer and Industrialist. He is the founder of X.com the world’s first online payment system later turned into PAYPAL. He is the founder of SPACE-X a maker of Launch Vehicles and Spacecraft. He is the early investor, CEO and product architect of Tesla, The founder of Boring Company, the co-founder of “Nuralink”, and co –founder and co-chairman of “openAI”. He is listed by the Forbes Magazine as the 9th richest person in the world. His net worth was estimated as 68 Billion by July 2020.

Here is His 16 Rules for Success:-

1) Have a strong why:- Elon Musk says anything you are going to do you must have a strong “why”. If you are going to do a task, if you are going to set a target, if you are going to set a goal, ask yourself why you are going to do it. It should have a strong why to do big things. You should have a strong reason behind the goal. The stronger is the why, the more you will be encouraged to do. Your work should either solve a major problem or should create a great opportunity to the society.

2) Really like what you do:- You have to like what you do. Sometimes situations ma get tough but still you have to stick to your target. This is only possible to stay stick to your goal if you really love your goal it. You should get interest and fun on working with your mission.

3) Do not listen to the little man:- Elon Musk says on your journey, on your mission , many people may say negative about you and your decision or about your mission. Don’t bother it. Just check if your mission is really valuable, don’t listen to the naysayers.

4) Don’t fear failure:- On the journey of your mission failures may come. Failure came does not mean you can to do it. Failure means you were not prepared enough up to the required level. So next task is to check on your-self, where it was lacking that caused failure. Check it strengthen your weakness and go ahead to try second time .Never ever give up.

5) Make sacrifices. Nothing great can be achieved without sacrifice. You have to sacrifice time for your goal. May be hours and hours you need to work. You have to sacrifice your money, wealth, you have to sacrifice leisure time, sometimes you need to cut your family time and your sleep time. Be so deeply involved in to your mission so that this sacrifice does not bother to you.

6) Take risks:-you have to take risks, you have to take bold actions to make new things. If you are going to do something new, something big, risk is there. Risk of failure, risk of losing wealth, or may be physical risk. Because great thing needs hard work and sacrifices to face risk very less people can face such situation.

7) Ask the right question:- Never get afraid or hesitated to ask any thing if you don’t know. You may not know many things. Ask your mentor, Ask successful people. Ask for help if you need. If you don’t have and need help from others, just ask. If you ask, probability is that, you will get something. But if you don’t ask the answer is surely negative.

8) Have people you admire:- Be accompany with like minded with you to your mission. Be accompanied with people who are willing to support your goal and your views. They will encourage you. You will feel energetic with them. Avoid accompany with negative people. The will try to drain out your energy.


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9) Push the frontier:- Always try for new things. Never settle. New thing will bring new possibilities, new solutions, and new developments.

10) Make things happen:- Be responsible Take responsibility to make things happen. Be deeply involved in your mission. Take charge. Take responsibility to complete your mission. Ensure till the end that mission is completed successfully.

11) Never ever give up:- on your way to your mission sometimes tough situations come and you feel dark. But try your best to overcome the situation. You may need to wait for the opportunity, but never give up. You give up you are a looser. Push yourself harder to solve the problem you are facing. If it is not possible with you, take help of others and solve but never quit.

12) Youth have the best time to take risk:-Elon Musk says the youth have the best time to take risks. They don’t have family pressure. They will not lose something big of themselves if they fail. Youth need to try new things. Youth need to explore for new possibilities.

13) Focus on signal over noise:-Don’t spend time on stuff that does not actually make things better. Elon musk says focus mostly on product development and quality of product, not much on publicity. To be popular the product has to create value.

14) Do something important:- Anything goal you set should create value . If it has no importance not need to do. To Success in life Your Goal should solve some major problem of society or it should make some improvement to the society, to the country.

15) Attract great people:- To complete a great mission you should have a great team. If all of team members are believing in the same mission and working passionately it becomes very easy reach the goal. You should be associated with great people, with like minded people.

16) Work super hard:- Hard work has no replacement. You have to work hard for your mission. Elon Musk says he works hard. He works 80 to 100 hours a week for his goal, for his mission. Time is most valuable thing in the world and you have to spend it with most possible way on your goal.

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