How self-talk plays role in personal growth?

Role of self-talk in personal growth...

What is self-talk?

Self-talk is the ongoing conversation with own selves which influence how we feel and behave. Self talk is something you do naturally throughout your waking hour. Positive self talk is a powerful tool for increasing self confidence and removing negative emotions. People who can master self-talk become more confident, motivated and productive. Self-talk is a process that leads to growth of self awareness, personal growth and emotional well being.

For a person on an average 50000 thought may come in a day in his mind. Whenever any situation we face, in reaction to the situation our mind starts internal talk own self on how to deal with the situation.

Positive self talk helps personal growth. Suppose you have to pass a tough competitive exam. Now your mind will start self talking. Can I pass the exam? If you self talk is positive you will say “I must pass the exam, I will do whatever it takes, I must pass the exam. it is a very necessary for me, I will study hard, practice hard, I will take whatever coaching needed but I must pass.” This is a positive self talk. It will raise your will power to prepare and appear for the exam.

But if you think,” the exam is tough, not a single person from my locality could pass the exam. So it is not possible, it is very hard. Rather I will do something else”….This thought will pull you down. It will divert you from your goal. And it may stop you from taking actions. It will pull you down your will power and will make sure to not to prepare properly for the exam and will ensure your failure.

In both the cases either positive thought or negative thought the quality of action depended on yourself talk in your mind. If the thought changes, the self talk will change, If self talk changes the action will change, if the action changes the habit will change, if the habit changes the character will change, if the character changes the destiny will change. So the result will be positive or negative according to the quality of self talk.


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Self talk means a silent internal thought or loudly or whispering talk to own self about your reaction to any situation that arise externally. Your action will depend on your self-talk. Whatever the subject or matter you raise in you self talk, your priority to work will happen accordingly. The matter you thing most of the time that matter will be in priority list. And the matter that does not appear in your self-talk will go far from your action zone. So self-talk is very important.

So, to take right action, to improve your confidence, to increase your qualities of your though, your self-talk has to be positive.

How you can raise self-talk standard, how to self-talk positively?

Surround yourself with positive people. Be company with the people who always try to find solutions of any problem. Positive people do not allow worry to wet them. If a problem comes, positive people stay calm and looks for the solution they don’t allow time to celebrate worry. Spend time with such people.

Do meditation and yoga. It will help you to stay calm and to focus on finding solutions.

Change yourself-talk from negative to positive. There are some situations that we can’t control, and some we can. The situation that is out of control, don’t worry about that because anyway it will happen. But if the situation that can have a way to recover, just be calm take time and think about solutions. If you can’t find solutions take help of experts on that field and then just work on the solution.

Keep a habit of helping others, and you will see somebody will stand with you when you are in trouble.

Don’t try to be perfectionist. Try to do better. No one is perfect in the world.

Be grateful with what you have and work to improve. Don’t be panic for what you don’t have.

Read positive quotes. Read motivational books and life-stories of successful people.

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