How to stop Procrastination?

What Is procrastination?

Procrastination is to avoid  doing a task that need to complete or  to achieve at  a certain allotted time period. It can be said as a habitual or intentional delay of starting or finishing any work. It is a common human experience involving delay in everyday important tasks or even putting off or delaying different tasks such as attending an appointment, submitting a job report or academic assignment, or any type of important work.

Procrastination is telling lie yourself that I have plenty time to finish the task so I will do it later or you think the task is tough and stressful and so you try to avoid it. If you do not give a strict deadline for doing the task it will take long time.

How to deal with procrastination?How to stop procrastination?Identify the reason why you procrastinate. Which things distract you from just doing it. It may be a fear of not succeeding, a bad environment, being overwhelmed, social media addiction or anything can happen. Write down why do you  procrastinate.

Eat that elephantSuppose you have to do a big project. Doing big project is like a eating an elephant.

So start with a part of it in smaller bites. Organize the project into a small size manageable small segments. Break down the giant project into small task and then do it. The hardest part of any project is starting the project.

Ignore the siren song. Keep on track yourself, avoid distractions, do what is important.




Keep yourself motivated. Motivation is the willingness to do work, opposite of procrastination. The more you like to be successful, the less you are going to procrastinate. It depends on how much you are going to enjoy the task or how much you are enjoying the reward. The more value you get in the task the faster you do it.

.Set a final deadline for the task. If you do not give a strict deadline for doing, it will take long time. 

Prioritize your task and always start with the hardest and most time consuming ones. If you start the easiest task first, when you complete the easy task you give yourself a false belief of not procrastinating and this way you may delay the hard task.

Work for specific amount of time, so that you know where to start and how long to go for. Give reward for your work. Example- after 2 hours of work to give yourself a 15 minutes break to watch you-tube video.

Surround yourself with positive productive people and successful people, you will get motivated to do the task faster.



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