What is Big Success(Badi Safalta)?

True Success is to live a full-fledged life whatever the way a person wants to live or want to become. The meaning of success is to live a happy life and make the world a better place for everyone.

Success does not only mean earning a lot of money and having a luxury life. Of course, money is important but it is a component of success, but it alone does not complete the definition of success. Success means bringing happiness and satisfaction in life. Every person has a different aim in lifedifferent missions in life. Somebody wants to be a singer, somebody a dancer, somebody a teacher, somebody a social worker, somebody a politician, I.A.S officer, I.P.S officer, Doctor, Engineer, whatever his goal is, if he can do it or becomes it, he feels happy and feels completeness. And when such a thing happens, it is called Success. The goal has to be something big so that it helps to stretch out the personality and skill of the person and gives him a good experience and knowledge.

The goal has to be such that if he wants to be a singer he should be such a singer that whole the countryor the whole world will praise his skill.

If he wants to be a social worker the whole country will know and admire his dedication.

If he wants to be a politician he should be a country level or state level politician and the whole state or the country should admire his service.

Badi Safalta

What it means that whatever the field of the goal is, the achievement should be on a larger scalethis is called big success. We say Badi Safalta in Hindi.

“All the persons who have achieved something big have a certain common type of character, behavior qualities and in all of them…and the fact is that in whatever field a person wants to make a big success, he too has to achieve those common qualities, characters, and behavior in him.

Here in this blog website www.Badisafalta.com we will discuss the qualities, characters, behavior, skill that big successful persons achieved and got success.

Here we will share what advice and knowledge the great successful people shared to teach others to be successful.

Here we will discuss the life lessons of successful people, the difficulties, the barriers they faced in their journey of success. We can gain a lot of knowledge and experience by studying their life’s journey…..Our aim is to share this knowledge with the People of my country and the readers all over the world.

After all Big Successful people have served something big to the world to make the world a better place, has given something valuable to the people about knowledge, peace or happiness or have solved or tried to solve some major problems of society. So if these qualities of successful people enter in the character of common people, more people will be successful and the society, the world will be a much better place.

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