How to set your goal?

Goal setting:-

Anything you want to achieve or whoever you want to become or anything you want to do, first what you need is to set a goal for it. Goal setting is about making a decision with desire to achieve something special. Goal is an important targeted task for life. Goal setting is not just a wish. Setting goal means making target to achieve that desired thing, goal is to set a direction for the purpose. Many people wish lot of things to happen in their life, but only a wish doesn’t help you to achieve that thing.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible”…….Anthony Robbins

You have to make a focused Target if you want something to achieve in life. It may be anything, Somebody wants to be a doctor, somebody an I.A.S officer, Somebody an I.P.S officer, Somebody a Musician, Somebody a Singer, Somebody a sports person, Somebody looks for Govt. jobs somebody wants to thrive in business or whatever the desire is, to make it fulfill goal has to be set. Make a clear and strong mindset to achieve something.

When we say life’s goal, it is very important to set the goal properly.

How to set goal?

To success in any field goal has to be set. You have to drive your life where you want to go or what you want to do, don’t be driven by others or by situations. To find your main goal of life, to find the main purpose of life, you have to analyze on yourself in deep. Check your inner core what is the call from inside. If you look on yourself what to do, you may find many tasks, if you want them all to happen it will not happen in one time, You have to do one by one. Multi-tasking will not give you major success.

When you are going to set goals and many goals are coming in your mind, your job is to find your most important goal and need to complete it first.

 Now what to do?

Write down in a paper whatever goals come in your mind that you wish to achieve. These may be ten or fifteen or twenty in numbers does not matter. Try to write your 10 most important goals you want to achieve.

Now check these 10 goals ,suppose you have 24 hours in hand and you can complete only one goal in that 24 hours, then which goal is in your priority you will mostly want to complete in this time period. Which goal has the greatest positive impact in your life? The answer that you found is your most important goal. This single goal is the one that you need to complete first. Write it down this goal in to a paper.


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Written goal is very important. Harvard Business School did a study in the year 1979 on written goals. They took a survey among the students. When they asked the student about their goals in life they found 84% of the students had no clear defined goals in life. 13% of the total students had clear goals but not in written form and 3% of the students had clear written goals. After 10 years again survey was taken among the same students. The result came the 3% students with clear defined written goals had 10 x more earnings than the total rest students in the school and the 13% students with goals but not written goal are earning double of the total earnings of the 80% (students of undefined goals). The survey clearly defines the importance of written goal. So write down your most important goal in paper.

Write your goals in present tense as if it already has been achieved. Example- Instead of saying I will earn” x “amount of dollar each year, write I earn” X” dollar each year. The reason is that our subconscious mind only registers the commands that are in present tense.

Make a plan on how to achieve the goal.

 " goal without plan is just a wish.”….Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Make list of everything you need to complete the goal. It may be training and knowledge required, finance required, materials required, manpower required, good team required ,mentor required, write them all.

 Organize this list in a checklist in a sequence which one to do first, which one to do in 2nd, which one on 3rd on. Now make a plan to work on it every day. Don’t waste your time uselessly.

If the goal is big, divide the goal into sub goals, arrange then as per priority and complete them one by one. Set yearly goal, then divide your yearly goal into monthly goal, and monthly goal into weekly and weekly into daily basis.

Be single focused. Focus is the most important quality for success. If you focus on one thing, your whole life energy gets involved on doing the work. Focus on the goal, not on the obstacles. Focus is a learnable skill. You can master it by practicing.

Develop the habit of self discipline. Once you have decided on your most important task, concentrate single mindedly on that task unless it is 100% complete.

Practice visualization of your goals. Create a clean exciting emotional picture of your goal as if they were already a reality. A mental picture combined with emotions has a huge impact on your subconscious mind and super-conscious mind. Your super-conscious mind then starts finding solutions of the problems that comes in the way of your goal. Your super-conscious mind then works with law of attraction and starts attracting the people, ideas, resources that will help you to complete your goal.

Everything is hard before it is easy. Any thing you do first it seems to be very difficult. But if you are stick to it and keep on doing your work, soon it will become a habit for you and it will seem the task easy.

 Stay focused, stay disciplined, make plan, and work hard until goal is achieved. Never quit.


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