Difference between busy people and productive people :

  Busy people and Productive people:-

Many people think a person is very busy means very effective. Actually this thought is wrong. A busy person does not mean a productive person. Here we will discuss the different between the qualities of a busy person and a productive person.

What is the difference between busy people and Productive people?

1)  1)Busy people talks that they are very busy and they have little time and lot of tasks. It is because they take many tasks at a time to do and the fall in business.                                           Productive people take selective tasks and do it according to priority basis. They plan and manage time wisely.

2) Busy people show like they have a mission, though they are confused about which one  is important and what not.                                                                                                               Productive people have a clear mission in life. They Set goals, make plan, and execute as per plan.

3)Busy people says yes very fast .If they are something to do or somewhere to go, they don’t think about it seriously and agrees to do the task, and later they fall in trouble.                      Productive people think wisely and analyze the matter before saying “yes” to anything.

4) Busy people jumps into action without thinking and without preparation about what can be the results, good or bad, positive or negative.                                                                               Productive people think of it. Become clear about goal, make plan and then takes action.

5) Busy people many priorities. Actually they can’t prioritize works properly. So they have many tasks to do in priority list.                                                                                                         Productive people have selective priority tasks. They do the priority work first.

6) Busy people keep all door open to tasks to come.                                                                   Productive people close or open as per situation and type of task.

7) Busy people talk to other people that they are busy. They try to show others about their workload.                                                                                                                                           Productive people don’t talk about workload or busyness, their result shows it.

8) Busy people do multi tasking. They start many works at a time and then can’t manage to do.                                                                                                                                                       Productive people are result oriented. They focus on one thing, do it, complete it and start another task.

9) Busy people respond quickly to messages and emails.                                                           Productive people take time to check important message or emails. And reply as per requirement.


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10) Busy people want other to be busy without effectiveness or outcome.                                     Productive people focus on outcome. They want other people to be effective.

11) Busy people talk how they will change the situation.                                                               Productive people Busy people simply work to change.

12) Busy people are not disciplined and not systematic.                                                               Productive people create a system, make a plan and then execute.

13) Busy people can’t enjoy the day. They can’t manage time properly.                                         Productive people makes plan when to work and when to take break.

14) Busy people talk too much about their goals challenges, talk about every single process. They show excuses why they are not producing results.                                                       Productive people don’t talk they just do.

15) Busy people say yes early. They make promise quickly and they commit themselves to things without even thinking about it. And at the end they break promise because of lack of commitment.                                                                                                                                         Productive people take time before saying yes. If they make promises, they almost never break it.

16) Busy people try to please the naysayers.                                                                                 Productive people try to please the client.

17)Busy people take on all the responsibilities.                                                                            Productive people know when  and whom to delegate tasks.

If you want to be a successful person, do not be the busy person, be the Productive one.

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